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Nokia Lumia 900 Echo Problem

April 4, 2013

I’ve had several Nokia Lumia 900’s, most of which I’ve never had a problem with. However, one of the phones exhibits an annoying problem where callers hear themselves when calling me. The problem wasn’t noticeable on my end, but my callers sure let me know how annoying it was on theirs.

After some research, I learned that the issue is related to the noise-canceling microphone on the device and reducing the call volume to 5-6 resolves the issue. But keeping the volume at this level isn’t trivial and defeats the purpose of having a call volume control in the first place. Nokia doesn’t provide much help on their support site, suggesting that level 5 is “optimal.”  It’s interesting that the problem only affects some Lumia 900 devices.

To resolve the echo problem, I covered the noise-canceling microphone located on the top left of the device with a small piece of scotch tape, essentially disabling it.


The noise-canceling microphone is designed to filter out ambient noise, which is especially useful in noisy environments.  I suspect that covering the mic may impact the phone’s performance when used in noisy rooms. However, I haven’t noticed any undesirable side effects and the overall call quality is dramatically improved for my callers — whether I’m in an empty room or Grand Central.