Increase Number of Rows in Windows 8 Start Screen

Countless number of blog posts and articles have been written about how to change the number of live tile rows displayed in the Windows 8 Start screen.  For the most part, they provide the right guidance.  However, after trying many of these tips, I could not increase the number of rows on my Windows 8 Start screen!  So I continued to run Windows 8 on a relatively large 24″ monitor at 1920×1080 resolution and my Start screen was limited to three rows — with absolutely gigantic live tiles.

I couldn’t figure out why my rows didn’t increase after trying every trick until I came across Paul Thurrott’s article on a similar subject.  Turns out that screen DPI and accessibility settings play a part in the logic to increase the number of rows.  Indeed, I had enabled the “Make everything on your screen bigger” option under Ease of Access PC Settings.  Although I haven’t seen this documented elsewhere, enabling this setting will always artificially cap the maximum number of rows you can display in the Start screen to a measly three.

Turning the setting off, using the tweaks in the previously mentioned pages, and logging out corrected the issue. Now I have a glorious Windows 8 Start screen showing six rows of reasonably-sized live tiles.


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