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Unable to find Windows 7 HomeGroup

December 9, 2010

I recently tried to add a new netbook to my existing Windows 7 HomeGroup.  To my chagrin, the new netbook did not find any existing HomeGroups on my network and insited on creating a new one.  Web searches didn’t quite lead to a fix, but it did give me some ideas.  Here’s what you can try if you are experiencing HomeGroup troubles:

  1. Ensure IPv6 is enabled on the adapter.
  2. If you have other network enabled devices running, shut them off when attempting to join the HomeGroup; for example, I have a network enabled HP printer which supports Bonjour and may have been intefering.
  3. Reset your WiFi router.

The above tweaks allowed the netbook to find the existing HomeGroup and join it without issues.  After joining, I restarted the printer and all seems well.