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Sluggish Mouse in Virtual PC

April 18, 2008
If your mouse lags or is otherwise sluggish in your Virtual PC/Virtual Server guest, you can try one or more of the following fixes:
  • Ensure the latest VM additions are installed in your guest.
  • Ensure video acceleration is set to max (method varies based on guest OS).  Try:
    • From the display properties of the guest, go to Advanced
    • Click on Troubleshooting tab
    • Ensure the acceleration slider is all of the way to the right
  • Try to set the power plan of the host to "High Performance", and you should experience much better mouse and UI performance in guest systems.
  • Set the guest display settings to "Best Performance"
  • Some chipsets have known issues with mouse performance in guest OS.  More info:

WSS 3.0 Uninstall Left Things Hanging?

April 16, 2008
Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 uses a SQL Server instance named “Microsoft#SSEE” when installed using the default settings.  In some cases, this instance isn’t removed when WSS 3.0 is uninstalled.  The SQL Server 2005 Emebedded Edition product also isn’t listed in the Add/Remove programs, making removal of these left overs a bit more involved.  Try te following to uninstall:
  1. Open registry editor
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall
  3. Search for “SQL 2005 Embedded” (no quotes) under the Uninstall folder
  4. Copy the string in the Uninstall key
  5. Paste the string in a new command window
  6. Append “ CALLERID=OCSETUP.EXE” to the string
  7. Let it rip — this should uninstall SQL Server 2005 Emnbedded Edition along with the left over instance