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Using the Motorola Q9m (Verizon) as a modem

January 3, 2008
I spent quite a bit of time trying to get my Windows Vista PC to connect to the Internet via my Motorola Q9m and its broadband connection.  Although this scenario has been made a lot easier in Windows Mobile 6, the applications to enable it are hidden and instructions aren’t provided by the vendors. 
Verizon requires that you utilize the Modem Link utility on the device along with their VZAccess software to tether a PC to the Internet via the device.  However, numerous attempts to connect in this manner did not work for me.  Furthermore, I disliked installing questionable 3rd party software to accomplish what the device can do out-of-the-box.  I tried numerous attempts at installing VZAccess along with the Motorola USB Drivers, but no combination worked.  All I was left with a bunch of useless DUN connectoids and no Internet access.
It turns out you can use the Windows Mobile 6 Internet Sharing functionality to accomplish this task, although no documentation existed on the VZ site.  The Internet Sharing application is still in the Q9m ROM, but the shortcuts have been removed.  The following link provides additional information on Internet Sharing versus Modem Link.
Here’s what you need to do to tether your Q9m to a Vista PC:
  • Ensure that you have a Broadband plan with VZW.
  • Install the Motorola USB modem driver.  The drivers are on the disc provided with your Q9m, or you can download the latest version from Motorola.
  • Use the Vista Sync Center to explore your Q9m.  Navigate to the \Windows folder and copy the IntShrUI.lnk file.
    NOTE: if you do not see the Windows folder when browsing the device, ensure that the folder settings aren’t set to hide protected operating system files.  You can access this setting via Organize | Folder and Search Options.
  • Paste the shortcut in the \Windows\Start Menu folder on your device.  You may want to also rename the filename to Internet Sharing.lnk, since this is the name you’ll see in the phone’s Start Menu.
  • The shortcut will now be visible in the Start Menu.  You can start the application and click Connect.  Windows Vista will recognize the device and install it as a network interface.

I suspect the same instructions will work on other Windows Mobile 6 devices that have had the Internet Sharing shortcut removed.